An essay written by Eva Schultz Psychologist  – sharing my personal experiences from the Camp as a new member of the Kyokushin Jinzen Do Family! With great humbleness and gratefulness to Kancho Flemming Jinzen Schrøter for giving me this opportunity in my life! I will always do my  best to work hard and show Budo Spirit, stay open minded to continue a lifelong journey of development.

We have had our first experience with participating at Gasshuku Camp, and it has been a very exciting journey on multiple levels! When I look a couple of month back, I felt some kind of missing belongingness, and clearness in my soul about my roots and true identity as fighter. I knew I was I possession of many elements, such as willpower, courage, stubbornness, patience, and the ability to keep on going no matter how tired I am! I have always known that I have a fighters heart, and a strong passion for the sport and the lifestyle that goes with it. At the same time I missed a core inside of me, where all the elements were connected as a whole unit – strong and capable of guiding me in the direction of what I was searching. I have always been interested and curious about human beings, how the thing, feel, behave, and how we controle our mind and emotions, so that they do not control me. I have been working with meditation for several years, and to combine the sport in practice, mental training, meditation, and developing your spirituality is for me very essential. But something was still missing in finding a substance of peace in the core of my soul and identity.  I was searching for something that would make these elements work together in a dynamic flow, from a strong feeling of a core contains strength, courage, kindness, willpower and determination to continue no matter what.

I believe  that certain situations arrives, meeting with significant epeople  happens for a reason. It happens when we are ready to climb to the next level in our psychological, emotional and behavioral development as human beings. I knew that I was searching for some even deeper elements in my core understanding: I was searching for values in humans containing  respect, kindness, to care and help one another, patience, loyality and no prejudices, and certain situations and life circumstances brought me into the Kyokushin Jinzen Do family! Kancho came out of no where when he heard about my situation. And as the person he is,  without thinking any second thoughts, he  offered to support me, so  that I could move on, finding the right path on my journey. There was absolutely no barriers, only kindness and careness in his way of reaching out. I am so great full for the gift he gave me, opening my eyes and soul even more, by guiding me with his way of being calm, his understanding of life and challenges, his advise, his way to practice ZEN and meditation, and how to be selective about what you bring up in your mind and what you let go of, and how to let go of bad and destroying thoughts and feeling of anxiety, sadness by meeting it with kindness and love towards yourself.

I have meet a lot of people, where words and behavior showed to be in opposite directions over time, causing a lot of betrayel, hard times, dis-loyality. With no no second thoughts I instantly found trust and openness to the  help he offered, his guidance and openness to learn from this great person and great GrandMaster.  

On my journey I never losts sight of my goal, and I held on to my inner feeling and believes that one day I would find what I was searching for, and therefor I always show my humbleness and  stay open in my mind and soul,  so that I would not cut my self off anything that would give me right direction in life.

My meeting with Kancho imidiatly made sense. It felt like I got even closer to my destination. The destination unfolded within a short time – the Kyokushin Jinzen Do Family! Everything fell into the right places, and I am finally home!

It feels like finding home to my family characterized   with a dynamic core with energy to create development in the sport, personally, spiritually and mental.  It feels like a great energy of people working in the same direction, with the same goal, and with an unique  way of being together and apart and that energy lifts one another to a higher level.  I have adapted a lot of this energy on the Camp among great people who all have a great spirit.

The respect among all of us and the members participating were amazing, and it gave,  what so ever no reason to draw psychological lines to protect oneself. The feeling of just being you, the feeling of equality no matter age or degree were stunning. I have never seen that among so many people gathered in society. I made me grow, and I am still amazed about how the Kyokushin Jinzen Do family treats one another.

Kindness were written in everybody´s eyes and faces no matter how tired they were, and it manifested all trough the weekend. The way of showing patience with new members arriving still amazes me, and I will absolutely do my uttermost to integrate all of that in my spirit, soul, mind and heart.  Everybody showed great interest in talking and meet us like the most natural thing in the whole world. Everybody has a unique balance and peace in mind, where everything just felt right.

We were very excited about the whole weekend, and the training we were going trough. It was a exceptional combination of training physically hard and ZEN meditation. The effect were amazing and both were strengthening each other and created development on more levels. The teaching of Kancho was a special and  divine experience. The way he teach shows his inner strength in everything he does. His black belt students were  alike, and everybody were amazing in their creation of development in every individual. They all created calmness, openness in mind to absorbed new knowledge and techniques. 

Even though Roheela and I for the first time were training katas, patience, kindness, respect were shown, no matter how clumsy we were, bumping into the others – but it must have been a laugh when we were suppose to do 5 new katas with our eyes closed! A real YouTube hitter I think J

As the weekend went by, we all got tired, but we also showed will and determination to finish our assignments and training. No one were complaining, and there were a great discipline in everybody. We had a great time socially and there were also time to socialize and get to know each other. The night training were fun and a great time. We came to bed late after a long day with training. Tired in body and mind we started training with Marcus at 07.00 Sunday morning – everybody were there, and still with open mind to new learning and a smile on their faces showing the kindness characterized in Jinzen Do.

It was amazing to train with Klaus Nonnemacher in kickboxing later that day, and afterwards we had sparring and grading. It was a very special and great experience to participate and to watch those who was grading for black belt! They showed all the elements in Budo Spirit and I will strive after developing not only in the discipline but also in my Budo Spirit. I was really motivated by this Camp and now I got a greater understanding for the “Devine path” – Budo Spirit and how to become the best that you can be!

I am still consuming all the small details from the Camp and I will also do my uttermost to pass this by to my own students. I am so great full to be a part of this unique family – Kyokushin Jinzen Do, and I admire the spirit living in each and everyone! All of that taught by our Grandmaster Kancho by being a wonderful role model, teacher and human being with divine values in life.







KYOKUSHIN JINZEN DO is a kind of Coaching and guidance through Kyokushin philosophy and Osu no Seishin and is about your students way to find their best potentiale in life with respect and kindness! We help you to express who you really are!

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